Wednesday, 19 September 2012

data64 Campus Placement Procedure

1. Students of the 2013 batch of B.E or B.Tech in Computer Science or IT or Electronics with no current backlogs.
2. Ability to write and speak English very well.

Apply if you:
+ are very patient by nature
+ are detail oriented and persistent
+ are an innovative thinker and problem solver

Selection Procedure:

1. Pre-Placement Talk:

The pre-placement talk will be delivered by Data64 at empanelledcolleges and will focus on our organisational history of thecompany, what we do, selection process, your growth prospects,salary and compensation process.

2.Group Discussion:
During this round, candidates are divided into groups of 12 or less and given a topic to discuss. We will evaluate your verbal communication skills, clarity of thought and awareness of Indian  and global  current affairs in this round.

3.Online Test:

 During this round, candidates who clear the group discussion round, are administered a 60 minute online test. The detailed syllabus for this is provided under the section "Curriculum for Online Test for DFA Recruitment"

4. Personal Interview:

During this round, we primarily focus on two issues - (1) theData64 Personal Profile Form filled in by you (2) Topics of the online test.

5. Preliminary Training:

Based upon your performance in the group discussion, online testand personal interview, you may be selected for preliminarytraining.If selected, you will be granted a scholarship of
INR 1,75,500 (Indian Rupees One Lakh Seventy Five Thousand Five Hundred) topursue training in Digital Forensics Investigation, Cyber Securityand IT Act Audit and Compliance with Asian School of Cyber Laws.During this period, you will not be required to relocate to anyother city as your training will be in the digital mode.

6. On-job Training:

  On successful completion of the preliminary training, you will be designated as a Data64 Digital Forensic Analyst (Trainee) and willsubsequently begin with an
8 month on-job training.

   During this time you may be required to relocate to another city.You will be entitled to a stipend of INR 28,000(Indian Rupees Twenty Eight Thousand) per month during this training if you area student of a college graded as A+ by Data64.You will be entitled to a stipend of INR 14,000(Indian RupeesFourteen Thousand) per month during this training if you are astudent of a college not graded as A+ by Data64.Data64 will not provide or reimburse any accommodation ortravel expenses during this period.If, however, you are required to travel on official business duringthis period, those expenses will be borne by or reimbursed byData64.

6. Confirmation:

On successful completion of the on-job training, you will bedesignated as a Data64 Digital Forensic Analyst.You will be entitled to a CTC package of INR 10,00,000(IndianRupees One Million) per annum.


  Digital Forensics
You are expected to have a basic understanding of computer security incident handling,forensic techniques and contingency planning. Additionally you are expected to have abasic working knowledge of WinHex 16.4 or above. To get started on this, you can download some eBooks and the trial version of Winhex16.4 from:

You  are expected to have a good working knowledge of web development using PHP, MySQL,HTML5 and JavaScript.You are also expected to be conversant with open source platforms such as Wordpress, PhpBB, Zen Cart and Media Wiki

 Cyber Crime Protection Program
You are expected to complete the FREE online coursetitled Cyber Crime Protection Program available at:


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